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Since 2012 Attila Muehl has been a regular member of the teaching faculty in Poland at the International Summer Jazz Workshop Cho-Jazz. He is responsible for masterclasses in Jazz Guitar, combos and theory classes.

In summer 2014 he was invited to Macau to do jazz guitar masterclasses and combo classes at the workshop "Jazz-It-Up". 

"Attila knows exactly how to share his knowledge. In a simple and logical way he communicates his secrets of abstract art! He tought me a lot of very useful things in the past years, which I remember to this day. Some beautiful chords, harmonic movements, passages, technical exercises, solo guitar concepts, playing intros, playing in duo, etc.! I would recommend him with all my heart to all musicial students, either beginners or advanced professionals!"

Jakub Mizeracki - guitarist (Warsaw, PL)

"Attila helped me a lot! Really deep knowledge of music combined with excellent teaching approach. I’m really grateful for his lessons, they still have very strong and beneficial impact on me. And last but not least, Attila showed me the way how to be my own teacher, which is crucial for developing and making progress as a musician."

Taras Kushniruk - guitar teacher at National Music Academy (Lviv, UKR)

"Attila Muehl is one of my favorite guitarists in Germany. The energy and clarity of his phrasing fascinated me from the first time I heard him. For this reason I took lessons with him. Without doubt, it was a very good experience for me that changed my way of working with the instrument."

Antonio Bravo - guitarist (Santiago de Compostella, SP)

"I remember the day I saw Attila's video online and getting my mind blown. Not only his profound musicianship and virtuosity struck me, but also his kindness and down to earth attitude. I would definitely recommend anyone, who is willing to study not only guitar but music as a whole, to get in touch with Attila Muehl - a true master of his art and a wonderful mentor." 

Max Itani  - guitarist (Dubai, ARE)

"Attila is easily the best teacher I ever had. He has a very natural, profound understanding of both bebop and modern jazz language, which he manages to break down and teach in an accessible way. Throughout my lessons with him, he carried an extraordinary excitement for music in general and motivation to help me improve as a player. His lessons and assignments were intense and demanding, and provided practice material for a lifetime. Most importantly for me, Attila’s playing is extremely inspiring: Listening to him actually applying the exercises and concepts he is teaching made me want to go home and practice all day." 

Mag. Dr. Ulrich Pomper - (Vienna, AT) 

"A few years ago, I joined a jazz workshop in Macau.

Attila was the guitar teacher!

He blew my mind!!!!!!"

Moon Wong - guitar teacher at Olá School of Music (Hongkong)

"I’ve had the privilege to study with Attila and he has opened up new doors of possibilities for me to improve my knowledge of music, especially the way he approaches the instrument and Drop 2 Chord Voicing. Listening to him playing in person and feeling the positive energy he possesses are so inspiring!"

Schozz keesiri - guitarist (Bangkok, TH)

Attila Muehl is currently teaching skype lessons in Germany, India, China, Ukraine and Poland. 


Get structured and clear guidance! 

  • technique 

  • harmony 

  • jazz vocabulary and phrasing


Get inspired!

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