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   Concert Highlights
  • A-Trane (Berlin, DE)
  • Zig Zag (Berlin, DE)
  • B-Flat (Berlin, DE)
  • Volksbühne (Berlin,DE)
  • Loft Köln (Kolonne, DE)
  • Unterfahrt (Munic, DE)
  • Mac (Vienna, AT)
  • Bimhuis (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Loulee' Jazz Festival (PT)
  • Winter Jazz Festival (Faro, PT)
  • Hotclub Lisboa (PT)
  • Green Hill Festival (Z. Gora, PL)
  • Blue Note (Poznan, PL)
  • Cartier (Paris, FR)
  • Bar 32 (Kiew, UA)
  • Palast Ukraina (Kiew, UA)
  • Urban Music Hall (Odesa, UA)
  • German Embassy (Singapore)
  • Hamam Jazzbar (Pristina, XK)

Attilas Muehl is a globetrotting musician whose journey through jazz has seen him grace stages ranging from the concert hall in Kiew to the mayors office in Singapore. His passion for music ignited at an early age, shifting his focus from painting to the realm of jazz guitar.


Fueled by a desire to master his craft, he embarked on a musical odyssey, honing his skills under the guidance of luminaries like Jonathan Kreisberg and Frank Tiberi. Formal education beckoned,

leading Muehl to prestigious institutions such as HfMT Köln and the vibrant jazz community of Berlin. There, he immersed himself in the rich tapestry of jazz, studying under the tutelage of Frank Haunschild and Kurt Rosenwinkel. Armed with a BA in Music and a kaleidoscope of musical influences, Muehl emerged as a formidable force in the jazz world.


With a signature sound that melds tradition with innovation, Muehl’s musical language draws inspiration from a myriad of genres, infusing his jazz compositions with elements of rock, blues, and world music. Collaborations with iconic figures such as Johnny Griffin, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Torsten Goods have solidified his place among the elite in German jazz.


In addition to his illustrious career as a performer, Muehl is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of jazz talents. For over a decade, he has shared his expertise at the International Cho-Jazz Summer Workshop as a jazz guitar and combo teacher, as well as given workshops and masterclasses in Macau and at the music academy Aalborg in Dänemark.


Muehl’s musical legacy continues to evolve, with eight albums under his belt, including four as a leader and four as a sideman. Whether on stage or in the studio, he remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of jazz and exploring new frontiers of musical expression.


   Current Projects
Attila Muehl - composition / guitarMarkus Ehrlich - tenor sax, Johannes von Ballestrem - keys / synthMartin Buhl - electric bass, Julian Külpmann - drums
Attila Muehl - composition / guitarMoritz Köther - composition / alt sax, Lars Gühlcke - composition / Bass, Bodek Janke - drums
Max von Mosch - composition / tenor saxBenedikt Jahnel - composition / Piano, Attila Muehl - guitar, Josh Ginsbourg - bass, Andreas Haberl - drums
Wenzl Mcgowen - Tenor Sax / Production, Attila Muehl - Guitar, Production
Andreas Wirth - Drums, Attila Muehl - Guitar, Steffen Kistner - Bass
Igor Zakus - composition / electric bass, Attila Muehl - guitar, Kacper Smoliński - harmonica, Adam Zagorski - drums
Attila Muehl - Guitar, Moritz Köther - Alt Sax, Lars Guehlcke - Bass, Philipp Schaeper - drums, Mia Knop Jacobsen - Vocals

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